Woman Gets Greggs Tattoo On Bum After Missing Sausage Rolls In Lockdown

Saturday September 19, 2020

Lockdown meant that we went without a lot of things – but one woman missed Greggs so much that she got the logo tattooed on her bum.

Caitlin Jones, 20, from Paisley in Scotland, was that excited to have her daily sausage roll back in her life that she decided to show her gratitude via some new, very permanent, ink.

Mum-of-one Caitlin decided to take the plunge at her local tattooist’s, saying she got the earliest appointment, on Monday 14 September. It was there and then that her dream became reality.

Caitlin said: “I’m obsessed with Gregg’s and I’ve always loved their sausage rolls.

“Before lockdown I used to get one nearly every day so I was absolutely gutted when they closed.

“I was more bothered about Greggs reopening than the pubs so I decided when the tattoo parlours re-opened that I was going to get something to share my love for them.

“Most people love it and think it’s hilarious, the tattoo artist said to me he was buzzing to do it and other people have said it’s iconic and that I’m a legend.”

Of course, such a bold choice of tattoo is always going to attract attention, with some people having their say – not that it’s any of their business.

“Some people have said it’s embarrassing but I got over that pretty quickly and I’m still in love with it,” she continued.

After she had shared it on Facebook, the post of the photo of her tattoo racked up thousands of likes, comments and shares. After its success, she’s decided to get another.

She added: “I did have some doubts when I was going to get it and I toyed with the idea of getting a sausage roll on the other side too but I think I’ll wait until the dust settles on this one first.”

If anyone deserves free sausage rolls for life, it’s definitely this girl.

Speaking of free baked goods, Greggs will be giving free items to customers who had their birthday during lockdown.

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