Nicola Talbot

I’m Nikki. Aka Nicola / Nikki T. I’ve always had something to say, always the Loud one. Always Enthusiastic and rather ‘Blonde’ even though I’m naturally, well, I dunno! Haven’t seen my natural hair colour for, erm, 40 years !!

I Used to be in the police (honestly yes!)- retired then became a barmaid which I LOVED! Then had myself a lovely little part time job MARRYING PEOPLE! Got into radio by covering for Dan Townley who was on paternity leave at the time

I got on the mike and I thought, wow, this is BRILLIANT! I can chat (✅) to my heart’s content and play Great Tunes from the Past! What is there Not to love! Thank you Stone Radio! You’ve made an 80’s chick real happy! ❤️